Director of Student Ministries
Ethan Wormell

I was born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts, and early in life I recall privately praying to God, asking for his forgiveness for my sins and inviting him to come into my life.
As I grew up in a strong church home environment, my knowledge of God and Christianity began to grow, but it wasn’t until I was 16 years old that my faith became a part of my own, independent identity.
From then on I desired to grow in my faith and to share it with other people. After graduating high school I enlisted in The United States Marine Corps shortly after meeting my wife Catherine. Catherine and I dated long distance throughout my time in the Marines while she attended St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH.
My first job in the Marines was as a Corrections Specialist working in the Camp Pendleton Base Brig. It was there that I met Dave Townsend and became involved with Faith Warrior Ministry. In Faith Warrior Ministry, I was mentored by older military veterans including Dave, who helped guide my spiritual growth and development.
After two years working in the brig I moved on to a new job in the Marine Corps with the Marine Security Guard program. After graduating the security guard academy I was first stationed as a security guard at the American Embassy in Barbados. While living in Barbados I attended a very small church and began teaching Sunday school classes to the children from ages 10-21.
In that year I grew tremendously in my faith, spending much of my time reading the Bible, other theological works, and witnessing to the locals as I road my bike for exercise around the island. In the last two years in the Marines I conducted security operations with a small team of Marines in Whales, Switzerland, and Iraq before serving in my final duty station at the US Consulate in Cape Town South Africa. In South Africa I was a member of Tokai Community Church, volunteering as a leader in their youth group.
Throughout my time in the Marines I studied English online through the American Public University System, completing my BA in English in August of 2016.
In transitioning out of the Marines, Dave Townsend informed me of the open Director of Student Discipleship position at Faith Community Church. After talking with my wife, we decided this would be a good opportunity to take toward my goal of full-time pastoral ministry, and we determined San Diego to be a solid base for Catherine to continue working in the Marketing and Broadcasting field.
I plan to continue my education through the Master of Divinity program at Westminster Seminary in Escondido, CA.