Special Guest Dr. Jeff Myers (2/21)

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Dr. Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries will be our featured special guest speaker during our 10:30am Worship Service on February 21, 2016.
Invite your family and friends and join us for an encouraging and equipping message on how to live out your faith in the world around you.
About Dr. Myers
As a communicator, Dr. Myers weaves together biblical insight, penetrating social commentary, fascinating research, and hilarious personal stories to motivate and challenge listeners. His inspiring presentations have delighted audiences of teachers, business leaders, parents, and young adults, renewing their enthusiasm for passing the baton of godly faithfulness.
He currently serves as President of Summit Ministries.
Jeff Myers’ involvement with Summit began in 1983, when he attended one of the Colorado summer sessions as a student. Through the years he has served as a summer staff volunteer, instructor, and most recently, chairman of Summit’s board of directors. From 1989 to 1995 Dr. Myers headed up the Summit’s curriculum team as it produced the Understanding the Times and Lightbearers courses for Christian schools.
In 1997 Dr. Myers completed his dissertation for the Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Denver and accepted a faculty appointment at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, where he has taught undergraduate and MBA courses in leadership and communication for 14 years. While at Bryan, Dr. Myers also founded and directed an eastern U.S. branch of Summit’s youth and adult programs.
In 2006, Dr. Myers, along with a small team of researchers, writers, and volunteer communicators from the business and education sectors, formed a non-profit organization called Passing the Baton International to turn the attention of Christians around the world to the urgency of preparing future leaders through life-on-life mentoring.
To date more than 200,000 people in 1,500 schools, churches, non-profits and political groups have received intensive training in how to mentor, coach and disciple the rising generation. The metaphor of “passing the baton” is now in the common parlance and life-on-life mentoring is becoming the next cell-group phenomenon in the church. The boards of Passing the Baton and Summit have unanimously agreed to combine their efforts under Jeff’s leadership and are excited about uniting the messages of biblical worldview, leadership and mentoring across the U.S. and internationally.
Dr. Myers’ many books and video courses include Of Knights and Fair Maidens, Playpen to Podium, Secrets of Great Communicators, Secrets of the World-Changers, Secrets of Everyday Leaders, Handoff, and, most recently, Cultivate: Forming the Emerging Generation through Life-on-Life Mentoring. Jeff and his family live in Colorado.

Greg Buchanan Live in Concert

Greg Buchanan in Concert
Greg Buchanan is a world-class harpist whose enthusiastic jazz-style of playing of both traditional and contemporary music sets him in a category all by himself, and his heart felt sensitivity when playing the hymns leaves one in absolute awe.
To hear Greg play is a deep spiritual experience that ushers the listener into God’s presence. Greg is not just a musician; he is a true artist!
Witness Greg perform during our Annual Praise & Worship Service on Sunday, January 3 at 10:30am. This performance is for all ages and is absolutely free of charge.
Invite your friends!
Contact us here for additional information.

Easter Sunday (4/5)

Easter Egg HuntWe at Faith Community Church invite you to join us for Easter Sunday services and activities on Sunday, April 5.
8:30am: Early Easter Service
(nursery-5th grade Children’s Ministry available)
Easter Brunch
9:30-10:15am: Continental Brunch
9:45am: Kids’ Easter Egg RUSH!
(on grass field)
10:30am: Easter Service
(nursery-5th grade Children’s Ministry available)
During each Easter Service Dr. Doug Baker will be giving an encouraging message called, Rise & Shine.
“‘Rise and shine!’ is a phrase heard throughout life, often when we least want to hear it. Yet, when God says it to us, it takes on a completely new and exciting meaning. It looks forward to life change that is empowered not by our own energy levels or interests but by God’s capacity and desires.
“At Easter Jesus rose from the dead, but the meaning of that moment is not merely rooted in history. It is an event that revolutionizes our lives as well. As we trust in Him, we are enabled to move out of the shadows and darkness of past harmful habits and present puzzlement into the light of clean slates, fresh hopes, and clear consciences and conceptions of life. Join us this Easter as we ‘Rise and Shine’ together.”
-Doug Baker
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Newspaper Article on “Opening Sunday”

Jews for Jesus (8/31)

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Changes this Sunday (2/16)

We are extremely grateful for the outstanding facility that the Boys & Girls Club provides us each week for our Sunday services.

However, as sometimes happens with any rented venue, we were informed on Monday that our normal worship space will not be available due to the gym floor being resurfaced this weekend.

While this kind of change will be very rare, it also provides us with a unique opportunity. This Sunday we will have two worship services (in separate locations):

1) Our regular worship service at 10:30am in the Dance Studio of the Boys & Girls Club (we will still have IGNITE with Alex McLellan in the regular Conference Room at 9:00am).

2) An 8:45am service at Blinder Memorial Chapel (right by the Main Gate off I-5) on Camp Pendleton with others from our “Life on Life” Discipleship Retreat this weekend.

You are welcome to attend either service depending on your family’s needs. Both services will focus on our personal growth as disciples of Jesus Christ.

If you choose to attend at Camp Pendleton (you will need a current Driver’s License to show at the gate) there will not be any retreat costs for attending the service. In fact, you are invited to subsequently take-part in the retreat’s free evangelism training (following the service), as well as a complimentary BBQ lunch (hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.) starting at 11:30am.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to change-up your Sunday morning routine this week and experience what God has prepared through the retreat’s worship service.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Worship Service with Faith Warrior/Faith Community
WHEN: This Sunday, Feb. 16, 8:45-10:00am
WHERE: Blinder Memorial Chapel

Exit I-5 on to the Main Gate Camp Pendleton  (show your ID and tell the guard you are going to Blinder Memorial Chapel)

Turn Right at FIRST Light: Wire Mountain Road

Turn Left at stop sign

Turn Left on Jacinto Road

Chapel complex is on your right. (Brick Building)

Children are welcome at the chapel, however the service will be “family style” with a cry room available for infants and parents. Also, please bring your own baby/toddler diaper bags as there will not be a fully stocked nursery available.

If you and your family do not choose to attend the “Life on Life” Discipleship Retreat, please plan to use the non-gym entrance to the Boys & Girls Club building.

At the Boys & Girls Club, there WILL be Children’s Ministry activities as usual–although the nursery and preschool classrooms will be combined.

Evangelism Bootcamp (Session 1 Online)

Purposeful Parenting Online Class

The majority of parents, Christian or not, want their children to grow up with strong spiritual values and morals, a seasoned understanding of reality and truth, and a sure-footed confidence for living life well.

The question has always been: “How can we do that?” The below archive addresses that question and is a collection of videos taken of our class, Purposeful Parenting: Called, Confident, and Competent. The course was filmed live in the fall of 2013 and is available here for online viewing.

During the class, Dr. Doug Baker will help parents learn:
* How God planned for parents to train their children
* How to create a personalized growth plan for each child
* How the church was created by God to assist parents in their child-rearing
* How to grow themselves as followers of Jesus who can model the values they desire to pass on to their children
* How to create a spiritual growth plan for their children
* How to understand the different stages their children will pass through (and how to survive it as a parent!)
* How to understand and respond to the four major temperaments observed in children.

Class notes can be downloaded here.

Dr. Doug Baker has a minor in Christian Education from Moody Bible Institute, wrote his Doctoral Thesis on Parenting, and he and his wife, Lisa are proud parents of their two grown daughters, Julie and Jessi.

Session One
Download class notes for the entire course here.

Session Two
Download class notes for the entire course here.

Session Three
Download class notes for the entire course here.

Session Four
Download class notes for the entire course here.

Session Five
Download class notes for the entire course here.

Session Six
Download class notes for the entire course here.

Christmas Musical: Star of Wonder

Sharing Ultimate Truth with Ordinary People

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