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Pregnant? Get support!

Has your life been impacted by a surprise pregnancy? No matter your past or what you are going through, whether you choose to parent or place for adoption, we want to walk with you and help you embrace grace.
An unexpected pregnancy can be scary. It’s normal to feel lost and alone and even a little afraid. We know what that’s like – and we can help.
When you join this support group, you will: meet weekly for 12-weeks, be encouraged by women who have walked in your shoes, make new friends, receive ongoing support, and more.
Learn more about Embrace Grace  and/or join the group at Faith Community Church in Carlsbad.

Volunteer with Embrace Grace

Our first Informational Meeting for interested volunteers is on Sunday, November 24 from 9-10am at church (Sharks Room). Hope to see you there!
Being pro-life is a stance, but being pro-love is an action. We can play a powerful role in saving  both — mom and baby — by supporting women with unplanned pregnancies, during the pregnancy and beyond!
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