Mission Statement


Refuge Student Ministries  exists to support parents as they call their children into a growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through our devotion to God, His people, and our world. We support parents by providing them with practical resources, encouragement, and supplemental discipleship of their children through Biblical education in our church.

Sunday Mornings

Middle School (6th-8th grade) students join everyone for music in the 10:30am Worship Service before being released for their own time of Bible study and discussion.

High School students are encouraged to join their families and the rest of the church in the 10:30am Worship Service on Sunday mornings.

Wednesday Evenings

The first Wednesday every month we meet at my home from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. There we start with dinner for all the students and parents. The lessons at this event will center around Worldviews,  Apologetics, and Philosophy (through the lens of the Bible)
You can find the address for this meeting on our calendar below.
The rest of the month we meet at Faith Community Church from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Lessons conducted during these events will center around a book of the Bible.
At every Wednesday night gathering we enjoy fellowship with each other, snacks, games, music, and a lesson from our current series.


Every month both the Jr. High and the High School students have a Life Group event. See the calendar below for this month’s events!

Questions & Answers


What does discipleship look like in the student ministry?

  • Regularly meeting together inside and outside the church

Why do we meet inside the church (Wednesday nights)?

  • To hear from God
    • by hearing the gospel 
    • by studying the Bible and critically examining competing worldviews
  • To hear from each other
    • by sharing the “highs and lows” of our weeks
    • by praying together

Why do we meet outside the church (monthly activities)?

  • To see the Christian faith in everyday life
  • To grow friendships among other students and the youth leaders
  • To bring non-churched friends into fellowship with us
  • To have as much fun as possible

Why don’t we have a Sunday gathering for high school aged students?

  • To prepare students for life inside the church as an adult