Progressive Prayer (Apr. 29)

After church on Sunday, April 29, we hope you will stay for a progressive prayer and lunch event.

Following our 10:30am Family Worship Service, we will meet back in the sanctuary (12:00pm) for a time of corporate prayer together before splitting into groups and rotating through stations at the church (lobby, lawn, children’s wing, etc.) to pray for people and ministries unique to each area.
A “progressive lunch” will be served throughout (something at each station).

Parents and kids are encouraged to take this opportunity to pray together as a family. Cards will be given to kids to get stamped at each station (& get a prize for completion!).
As we continue to focus on our church theme for the year (3,2,1…GO!), one of our goals is to be more intentional about praying for the lost. April 29 is an opportunity to do just that, so mark your calendars.