Christmas Eve Service

Join us at Faith Community Church in Carlsbad (2700 Rancho Pancho) on Tuesday, December 24 for a candlelight Christmas Eve Service at 5:00pm.
This annual family celebration for all ages is an hour long musical and narrative retelling of the Christmas story.
The evening will be filled with song, Scripture, and multimedia elements that will help bring the Christmas message to life.
Arrive early for cookies, cocoa, & coffee.
Invite your friends and family and we’ll see you there!

Easter Sunday

We invite you to join us at Faith Community Church for Easter Sunday services and activities on April 21. Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with live music and a message of hope found in the one and only risen Savior.  
8:30am: Early Easter Service
9:30-10:30am: Brunch Buffet
(baked goods, egg dishes, fruit, coffee, and more!)

10:00am: Kids’ Easter Egg RUSH!
(on grass field)

10:30am: Easter Service
Kids classes available during services.
During each Easter Service Pastor Justin Windham will be giving an encouraging and transformational message about Jesus Christ–the risen Savior.
“…Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures…was buried…[and] raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures…”  -1 Corinthians 15:3-4
Also, leading up to Easter Sunday, join us for our Good Friday service on April 19 at 7:00pm.
Faith Community Church | 2700 Rancho Pancho | Carlsbad | 92009

Risen: Good Friday Movie Event

Join us on Good Friday, April 14 at 6:45pm for this free movie event.
Risen is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer. Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), a powerful Roman military tribune, and his aide, Lucius (Tom Felton), are tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to Jesus in the weeks following the crucifixion, in order to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah and prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.
We will serve communion afterward for those who would like to partake.
Come grab a seat in our auditorium at 6:45pm–the movie will begin promptly at 7:00pm. Risen is rated PG-13 and children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent. Family discussion guides will be available to take home with you free of charge.
There will not be childcare available for this event.

Parent Night: Parenting On Purpose in an Online World


Without a doubt, technology has proven itself to be something the average American family could not live without.

Although there are many benefits to living in an online world, there are also some potential pitfalls.

If you would like some practical tips to help curb your kids’ screen time, protect your children from the abundance of sexual content online, and keep your kids safe from bullies and predators who victimize through social media–this Parent Night is for you!
Join us on Wednesday, March 29 from 6:30-8:30pm.

Parent Nights exist to provide parents (of children birth-12th grade) of Faith Community Church and our local community with ongoing tangible resources from a biblical worldview that will encourage and enable them to better train and guide their children toward maturity in their relationship with God and others.

Our Lead Pastor, Pastor of Discipleship, Director of Student Ministries and Children’s Ministry Director will be guiding a discussion on ways in which technology impacts the family and providing you the opportunity to be purposeful with your children as they engage with screens and live in an increasingly “online world.”

This one-night session is free to attend.

Middle & High School students (6th-12th grade) are welcome to join Refuge (our Student Ministry) running at the same time.

Complimentary childcare is available for kids (birth – 5th grade). Be sure to register by March 22 if you plan to bring kids.

By registering, you are automatically entered into our raffle to win a number of valuable parenting resources. You must be present to win.*

One winner will receive a brand new Circle with Disney!

2700 Rancho Pancho | Carlsbad, 92009 | 760-930-0400

The Art of Marriage Retreat

the art of marriage web banner

The Art of Marriage retreat is for anyone (married, engaged, dating, or single) who wants to fine-tune their thinking about marriage and be better equipped for relationship success.

The retreat is Friday, Nov. 4 (7:30-9pm) – Saturday, Nov. 5 (9am-4pm) and weaves together expert teaching, real life stories, humorous vignettes, and a whole lot more from six video sessions.   
Each topic leaps onto our big-screens from marriage experts and respected Christians leaders such as Dennis & Barbara Rainey, Voddie Baucham, Wayne & Margaret Grudem, Dave Harvey, and a host of others as they communicate with humor and insight about God’s purpose and plan for marriage.
You will learn how to communicate well, overcome loneliness, take ownership of your role in the relationship, work through conflict, obtain/increase intimacy, and leave a lasting family legacy.
Your registration includes The Art of Marriage workbook for each participant, 6-sessions of marriage preparation and improvement tips, snacks, lots of fun, and a fresh hope for living life in a new way.
There will be a lunch break on Saturday for you to enjoy one of the nearby eateries (not included in price).
There is no childcare available as we want to provide a setting that is without distraction and allows each participant to relax and get the most out of their time away. Come join us!


Faith Community Church
2700 Rancho Pancho, Carlsbad, 92009


EARLY BIRD rate is $45/couple and $25/individual through September 30.

STANDARD rate is $60/couple and $35/individual starting October 1.

The Gospel Exhibit

The Gospel Exhibit intro
Open to the Public: Thurs. April 2 (5-9pm) & Fri. April 3 (1-5pm & 8-9pm)
2700 Rancho Pancho, Carlsbad, CA 92009
The Gospel Exhibit ArtifactsThe Gospel Exhibit is a FREE 96-foot long walk-thru showcase that contains 33 displays.
The tour takes you through the major events surrounding the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The various steps of His suffering are brought to light with recreated artifacts, anatomically correct models, and historical quotes.
Old Testament Messianic prophecies and fulfilled New Testament Scriptures are presented for each historical event.
The Gospel Exhibit features a powerful soundtrack, large screen video, and realistic sound effects complete the multi-sensory experience!

Comments on The Gospel Exhibit:
  • “Transforming!”
  • “Simply powerful!”
  • “It touched my heart and restored my faith.”
  • “An incredible intellectual and spiritual experience.”
  • “Beyond words…I have never experienced an exhibit such as this.”
  • “It was amazing…it will have a powerful impact on my life forever.”
  • “Beautiful. Precise. So heart moving. Thank you for that amazing journey.”
Invite others using the graphic below:
 The Gospel Exhibit at Faith Community Church graphic

Easter Sunday (4/5)

Easter Egg HuntWe at Faith Community Church invite you to join us for Easter Sunday services and activities on Sunday, April 5.
8:30am: Early Easter Service
(nursery-5th grade Children’s Ministry available)
Easter Brunch
9:30-10:15am: Continental Brunch
9:45am: Kids’ Easter Egg RUSH!
(on grass field)
10:30am: Easter Service
(nursery-5th grade Children’s Ministry available)
During each Easter Service Dr. Doug Baker will be giving an encouraging message called, Rise & Shine.
“‘Rise and shine!’ is a phrase heard throughout life, often when we least want to hear it. Yet, when God says it to us, it takes on a completely new and exciting meaning. It looks forward to life change that is empowered not by our own energy levels or interests but by God’s capacity and desires.
“At Easter Jesus rose from the dead, but the meaning of that moment is not merely rooted in history. It is an event that revolutionizes our lives as well. As we trust in Him, we are enabled to move out of the shadows and darkness of past harmful habits and present puzzlement into the light of clean slates, fresh hopes, and clear consciences and conceptions of life. Join us this Easter as we ‘Rise and Shine’ together.”
-Doug Baker
Faith Community Church Map 2700 Rancho Pancho
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Can You Handle Criticism?

by Chad Porter, Pastor of Student Discipleship

Can You Handle Criticism? imageDo you enjoy receiving rebuke or correction from others? The answer for most of us is a resounding “No!”
But why? Why is it so grating and difficult for us to hear the refining words of critique?
Pastor and counselor Alfred Poirier seeks to answer this very question in a great article. Here’s a short excerpt:

“In counseling, I see it [the inability to receive criticism] in the humorous way a couple will be diverted from the issue at hand to debate who said what, when, and where. Or in how people debate back and forth as to whether it was a Tuesday or a Wednesday when they did something. Why do we expend so much time and energy swatting at these flies with sledgehammers? Why are our hearts and minds so instantly engaged and our emotions surging with great vigor in our defense? The answer is simple. These issues are not minor or insignificant. We defend that which we deem of great value. We think it is our life we are saving. We believe something much larger will be lost if we do not use every means to rescue it. Our name, our reputation, our honor, our glory.”

So if you have 10 minutes today please take a break and read the whole thing, I beg you. You’ll be glad you did.le Criticism? “

The Gift of Forgiveness & the Sweetness of God

by Chad Porter, Pastor of Student Discipleship

Forgiven_0009_Group 1“The LORD is merciful and gracious; slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. He will not always chide [i.e. rebuke/reprove], nor will he keep his anger forever. He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us. As a father shows compassion to his children, so the LORD shows compassion to those who fear him.” Psalm 103: 8-12

Are there any verses in the Bible sweeter than these as we begin a new year? Our God does not deal with us according to our wrongdoings. He doesn’t repay us according to what we deserve in response to the millions of ways we have sinned against Him. I mean, when you think about it, our actions deserve death…right? There’s “hell” to pay. No doubt if we just slow down a bit and think about our patterns of life, our actions, the overflow of our hearts in day-to-day interactions, it quickly becomes clear that we’re nowhere near perfect.

But the miraculous thing is that God doesn’t count our failures against us because Jesus already suffered hell in our place. He no longer deals with us according to what our iniquities deserve.

But it gets even better. While it’s gloriously true that God has resolved never to give us our just deserts, He also promises to love us with a steadfast, immovable, immeasurable, unstoppable love that is as great as the heavens are high above the earth. That’s the picture God gives us here.

Space is big and massive and vast. It takes almost 8 1/2 minutes for light emitted from the Sun to get to earth and hit our houses (and this star is relatively close to us). If we look at the next closest star we find it takes 4.2 years for its light to reach us (and this guy is still pretty close by as far as stars go). God’s faithful, unchanging, never-ending love for us is that immense. If it doesn’t shock us we’re not thinking about it rightly, we’ve grown callous to its astonishing proportions. It’s more overwhelming than we can ever fully describe.

And this love is not only big and grand and magnificent, it’s also personal and particular and tender.

Just as a good earthly father softly shows compassion to his children, so the great and mighty God of the Universe sweetly loves you—in particular. When we see a father hugging his little girl after she scrapes her knee, lightly kissing her cut, gently stroking her hair, and wiping the tears from her eyes—this shows a little of how God loves you as his child. He is powerful and terrifying to those without him, but warm and affectionate to those who are his children.

Are there any verses in the Bible sweeter than these as we begin a new year?