COVID-19 Updates


As many of you are aware, both global and local communities are being impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The landscape has been changing rapidly and our staff and Elders have worked diligently to stay on top of the various medical and government updates–so we might best understand the situation and respond accordingly.
As California releases guidelines for group gatherings, we want to be team-players who work alongside our communities, cities, county, and country to do our part in minimizing the spread of the virus, as we pray for its swift demise. This means we will modify our regular services and events.
At this time we believe the most prudent and compassionate approach is to postpone our large worship services for a limited time.
We will not gather for our regular Sunday activities at church until further notice.
On Sunday, you will be able to access a virtual worship service from our website that will include music, message, and related announcements.
Additionally, you can still give your offering online here, or by mailing gifts to Faith Community Church (P.O. Box 130850 Carlsbad, CA 92013)
Please take time as families to love God, glorify Jesus, and grow in your faith.
However you find yourself studying God’s Word, we want to remind you that the Church (with a capital C) is the Body of Christ—not a building.
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?…Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.” (1 Corinthians 6:19; 12:27).
In the end, we are glad to know that we have a faithful God who keeps us in His good care (Psalm 23). So, we are not unduly worried or afraid as we respond to this need. We recall what King David said, “Our God is a refuge, strength, and ever-present help in times of trouble!
Thus, even if we do not formally meet together, we still share the common bond of Christ in us and are connected by the same spiritual “bloodline” (as we’ve been learning while studying Acts).
This is also an opportunity for each of us to be the body of Christ to our neighbors and live out the call to “love God and love your neighbor as yourself” as well as to “do good to all men…” (Matthew 22:36-40; Galatians 6:10)
Be aware of how this crisis is affecting others around you and see what God would lead you to do to love and care for them.
We will continue to monitor the situation daily and keep you informed via church email blasts, our Facebook & Instagram pages, and website—so please check those sources for the latest information.
Please let us know if there is anything you need in the course of this temporary change. We will be in touch! Blessings!

-The Elders of Faith Community Church

Parent Resource Page (COVID-19)

Check out this week’s Creation Kids’ Worship Video


The video above includes music, message, and more!

Notes for Creation Kids Parents

1.) Take advantage of the extra time at home to disciple your kids, and have honest conversations on how the gospel and the Bible bring hope to us during uncertain times.
2.) Talk to your kids directly about the coronavirus, and the crisis our world is facing.
Be honest, but calm their fears through the hope of the gospel.
Here are some resources you can use to have conversations with your kids about COVID-19:

3.) During this temporary suspension of Creation Kids gatherings on Sundays, get together as a family and do Bible Studies at home. 
Lifeway Kids has provided a free temporary resource for us, called Lifeway Kids at Homepreschool videos and activities are now included!
This is going to provide you with free weekly access to a Story Video, Life Application Video, a kids connection video, downloadable activity page, a missions video, and gospel presentation resource!
Follow the steps on this page to view both preschool & kids content. It will be updated each week with new materials during this coronavirus pandemic. We are grateful for this resource and we urge you to utilize it in your home and ensure that your children are staying in the Word!
4.) Stay Connected: For both parents & kids, connection is crucial during isolation! Use the following ways to stay connected to others in our church. 
We encourage you to call, Facetime, or text other families in the church. Let kids talk on the phone, or send video messages to other kids in their Sunday School classes. The Marco Polo app is a helpful way to send video messages to each other (under adult supervision). 
Join our new Creation Kids Facebook group! This group is going to be a place for Creation Kids Families and Volunteers to connect with one another during this isolation time. Stay tuned for activities and challenges to do together. Say hello by posting a video in the group!
Reach out and encourage elderly or healthcare workers in our church by coloring & mailing uplifting Scripture coloring sheets. Download the coloring sheets here! If you’d like to mail to elderly or health care workers who could use some encouragement, contact Jenny for tips on who to mail to and receive the contact info to do so.
Use this opportunity with your kids to reach out to people in your immediate neighborhood—check on elderly, make sure those around you have food and toilet paper.
5.) Create a Schedule: With schools closing and extra-curricular activities canceled, create a well-balanced daily schedule that includes discipleship & bible study, academics, family fun, & emotional support (time to talk and process). Kids feel secure and supported with a schedule and consistency.
Don’t forget our class memory verses are available for print & download. Take the extra time to memorize scripture. We will offer extra prizes to kids who come back and recite any or all of the three verses posted online.
Download scripture coloring sheets here to color & mail to elderly (especially those who live alone), or to health care workers. You can also color & decorate for your own house so you have uplifting reminders of God.s Word.
Also, if you don’t have access on your TV to Right Now Media, please email us and we will give you access. You can download the app on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and smart TVs. There is a lot of great kids content, and it’s a great time to utilize it!
6. Worship Songs & Dance-Alongs! Check out this YouTube playlist.